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Dr Bhavin Patel – About Him

D.N.B. – Psychiatry – Bangalore

Ex. NIMHANS [National Institute of Mental Health Neuroscience, Bangalore]

Ex. Spanadna Rehab, Bangalore​

Mobile No : 9739796895


Dr Bhavin Patel has more than 10 years of experience and practice as Psychiatrist Doctor and He have joined the Vaidik Deaddiction and Rehabilitation Centre since 2015; He is dedicated to hospital end to end all responsibilities; He is getting interactive with each patient with vision, mission and core competencies as doctor of psychiatry; He has been sharing knowledge and expertise with senior doctor like Dr. Kantibhai Patel; North Gujarat is Patan city is medical hub and Being doctor he has noble idea of to reach all needy patients who are looking for psychiatry treatment, counseling and consulting;


Mental Diseases is crucial phenomenon for everybody who is going through such medical condition and Being doctor it’s very important to connect with patient, carefully listen, observe and understand the mental condition of patient; And As Psychiatrist it is daily and regular basis practice; Spirituality, Mindfulness, Awakening and Psychotherapy are helpful to the patient with formal treatment of Core Psychiatry with proper medication under; We take care to the patient who are admitted to the hospital with long term duration;


Dr Bhavin is one of the team doctors who are working very proactive for hospital management and crucial decision making and outstanding intuitive skill sets; 

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