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About | Dr Aarti Patel

DPM – Psychiatry – Mumbai


Dr Aarti Patel is one of the woman doctor from Vaidik Deaddiction and Rehabilitation Centre; She has studied her DPM Psychiatry from Mumbai; She is family member of Shri Doctor Kantibhai Patel and She is actively participant all events, programs and leading functions at Vaidik Campus; She is excellent to communicate with patients and She has ideal purpose to serve for social cause as being doctor;


Dr Aarti has proven and can establish the connection with women patients who is visiting at Vaidik Centre for treatment, medication and long stay to recover their mental health; She is very kind, caring and visionary for her practice; She is sharing knowledge, experience and expertise with senior doctors and team; She is working with visiting doctors, psychologist team and spiritual leaders;

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